A downloadable Game for Windows


For this game i used:

Engine - Coppercube 6

Audio - Audacity

3d models and animation - Blender

Textures - GIMP


-Get away from the monsters

-Check every door

-Take bread


-You hate Mr.Bread

-Don't forget to use headphones

Bread Hunt Full version 2.0

Search the Bread Remastered


You can't open the door! Go ahead and you will see that you can go through the door.

Welcome to Mr. Bread's house.
Search the Bread Remastered vs Search the Bread (Original). What's new in Search the Bread Remastered ?

Engine used: CopperCune 6

1. 3d characters

2. Animation

3. Ending

4. Light and shadows

5. Better graphics

6. Mr.Bread appears in the level

7. It's harder

The original game was deleted

A strange guy named Mr. Bread insisted you go looking for bread, but in fact, you collect more than one bread, in a house haunted by monsters, spiders and other strange creatures, without knowing why you have to collect ten breads if the strange guy says to search only one bread to move to the next level.
You'll find out along the way, if Mr. Bread is a good character or a bad character, so far he's just a strange character.

The story of the game doesn't make sense... just play it


Install instructions

Download and play


Search the Bread.rar 31 MB

Development log


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wait the ending of bread hunt has old characters and new characters

You can play only Search the Bread

Bread Hunt is broken, this is why you can't play the game anymore

what happend to bread hunt?

is unplayable, and i can't update the game anymore

Sorry that happened. Hopefully next projects will be better.


Help for people stuck in the first game



yeah this is the menu from my 4th game


First one is still better


I agree lol

you mean the original search the bread is better?

Haha, yes, this one isn't bad too, just the original I found much more pleasant

yeah we need the old game back.

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im gonna tell something in the game. jumpscares in original are different but in the remake are all the same, in the remake your slower, hallways and rooms are smaller than the original, in the remake the blue headed dude is less scarier than his original sprite, the annoying thing in the remake is you can get stuck in the table and the beginning is empty. i wish the old game is back... but my 4th game is gonna be the old game with different map and new monsters.

4th game? but i only see 2 games on your page.

Gotta put my 5 cents into original vs hunt, the original starts with Mr. Bread on an unrealistically blue screen surprisingly well animated. I find it hilarious for some reason, the fonts also fit. We start playing in a cheap village russian househould setting, the walls are realistically grey and the tables as well as the setting is well textured and modeled. It fits the bread narrative it's funny,

on Bread Hunt, it feels like the textures and graphics feel unnecessarily more high quality and improperly shadered/shadowed. The original doesn't have any shadows, in this game at the very start I start in extremely laggy grass. Which is a big downside, Search The Bread is known to me for being 60FPS. I love the soundtrack when you talk to Mr. Bread though! That's just spot on. And the setting in Hunt is inside of a cave for some reason? There is some sort of a charm with Bread inside of a mysterious (for looking normally) house, cave is just cliche. The game also has NOCLIP AUTOMATICALLY ON? What's that for? You also move a lot slower and have arrows pointing at the breads. 

The jumpscares in this game though? There aren't a lot of them, criminally low amount, but they are pretty good, I really liked them. The map design is a big weakness, a lot of the rooms look the same. It's hard to memorize the entire map or just, get all bread considering you have noclip on and you can't turn it on. The lack of ambience, or rather it being very quiet and unnoticable isn't good too. Compared to the previous having mouth noises for ambience, which had me laughing.

This is not disappointing but could majorly be improved considering you can clip through the entire game and somehow that makes it harder.

I agree that the both games look better on different pages, but, I am glad you can still download the original game on this exact page. It's alright as it is now with both games on one page..

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