A downloadable game for Windows

Game Version 1.0.2  (THIS GAME NOT HAVE VIRUS)

For making this game i used CopperCube 6 free edition, Blender, GIMP and Audacity

What is search the bread 23?

Search the bread 23 is Search the bread 2 or chapter 4.

I can dowload the first game.

Story and gameplay:

A strange guy named Mr. Bread insisted you go looking for bread, but in fact, you collect more than one bread, in a house haunted by monsters, spiders and other strange creatures, without knowing why you have to collect ten breads if the strange guy says to search only one bread to move to the next level.
You'll find out along the way, if Mr. Bread is a good character or a bad character, so far he's just a strange character.

The story not have any sense.

New maps coming soon.

Install instructions

1. Search the Bread 23.exe (GAME) :

- Click download

- Save the file

- And play the game


 -bug fixed

-new game

-characters 3d


Search the Bread 23.exe 126 MB

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